Walktober is bringing new type of prescriptions for exercise this year

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This year the Medical Society is taking a new approach in its support for Walktober, an annual community-wide effort during October – and year round – to encourage people to accumulate 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

The CDC recommends that adults get at least that many minutes of physical activity each week, and walking is the easiest activity for patients to do.

In past years, paper prescription pads for exercise were mailed to doctors. This year, in partnership with the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, a Walking Prescription can be accessed electronically and given to your patients to emphasize the importance of the health benefits of this simple activity. With this new version, the exercise prescription can be customized with a medical office’s logo and practitioners also can integrate it into their own EMRs.

The electronic walking prescription can be found at can be found at mssconline.org, under the Publications tab at the right. Doctors can also encourage their patients to take part in Walktober’s events; patients can register athttps://hwcwichita.org/events/view/49/walktober/