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Dr. Foster

Dr. Foster

MSSC members recently traveled to Chicago for the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association. Dr. Braden Foster, this year’s recipient of the Dr. Joe Meek Young Physician Leadership Award, was making his first trip to the AMA. He was joined by Dr. Michael Lievens, MSSC president-elect, KMS delegate Dr. Terry Poling, KMS alternate delegate Dr. Jay Gilbaugh and Dr. Donna Sweet, representing the American College of Physicians.

Here are some thoughts from Dr. Foster on the June 9-13 event: “It was a great experience. The things that stood out were first the dedication and time commitment physicians have for health care policy.

“The debate that took place when reviewing proposed resolutions was eye-opening to me, because physicians across the nation have such varying perspectives, and a policy that would affect health care in Kansas is often vastly different than the effect on the East Coast. The Kansas delegates play a major role in developing AMA policy, and I value their commitment toward representing fellow physicians.”