Three MSSC bylaws are recommended for change

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The Medical Society board of directors unanimously recommends three changes to the MSSC bylaws.

The proposed changes were discussed at the MSSC general membership meeting on Oct. 1 and are posted on the MSSC website. A vote on whether to approve the changes will occur at the MSSC annual meeting on Dec. 3.

One change would allow for a slate of candidates for board officer positions, which is a similar election model as the Kansas Medical Society and many other medical societies. The board believes this change could improve participation and diversity on the board.

The second change would eliminate the probationary membership category. Currently, new MSSC members are placed on probationary status for a year before they can become a full, active member. The board believes this requirement is outdated and can come across as unwelcoming.

Currently, the bylaws dictate that a membership committee vet the credentials of new applicants. Because Medical Provider Resources does that vetting already, this committee has become unnecessary. The board recommends eliminating this committee and having the membership files go directly to the board of director for review and approval.