Roster Updates

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Keep your 2017 Roster current by adding the information listed below and in the Membership section of this issue of the MSSC News:


Maged El-Zein, MD
Janel Harting, MD
Victor Salloum, MD
Chloe Steinshouer, MD
Son Truong, MD

Pulmonary & Sleep
Consultants of Kansas
OFF & FAX are the same
3009 N Cypress 67226

John Flesher, MD
Sunflower Pulmonary
and Sleep Medicine
OFF: 201-1755 / FAX: 201-1138
9350 E 35th St N S-104, 67226

Travis Stembridge, MD
Aetna, Effective 5/31/2017

Reinstate to Active

John D. Knudtson, MD
Kansas Imaging Consultants
OFF: 689-5050 / FAX: 689-6192
3600 E Harry 67218

Leave of Absence

Stephen Olson, MD


Bruce Bammel, MD
Dennis Buth, MD


Todd Brubaker, DO (moving out of state)
Daniel Davis, MD
(moving out of state)
Wenny Jean, MD
(moving out of state)
Somsupha Kanjanauthai, MD
(moving out of state)
Edgar LeClaire, MD
(moving out of state)
Cinderella Radu, MD
(moving out of state)
Jeremy Tamir, MD (moving out of state)