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Keep your 2018 Roster current by adding the information listed below and in the Membership section of this issue of the MSSC News:


Daniel Alvarez, DO
Kansas Cardiology Consultants
FAX: 263-3601

Rodney Jones, MD & Milton Landers, MD
New Fax: 877-892-9679


Saad Farhat, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
Heartland Cardiology
OFF: 686-5300
FAX: 651-2660
3535 N Webb Rd, 67226


Beena Reddy, MDmoving out of state
Jacob Arnett, MDmoving out of state
Joseph Spurlock, MDmoving out of state
Nathan Norris, MD
Drew Schultz, DO


David P. Miller, MD – August 2018