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Keep your 2019 Roster current by adding the information listed below and in the Membership section of this issue of the MSSC News:


Le-wen Liu, MD
No Fellowship in Molecular Genetic Pathology

Travis Stembridge, MD
FAX: 609-2346


Jennifer Callison, DO
BC- Family Medicine
Antioch Med
OFF: 350-8008
FAX: 350-8020
1126 S Clifton, 67218

Sounida Douangpraseuth, MD
Wichita Ambulatory Anesthesia Providers, LLC
Office:  516-7361
330 W 2nd St #3358, 67201

Bart J. Winter, DO
[BC] Family Medicine
Robert J. Dole VA Hospital
OFF: 685-2221
5500 E Kellogg, 67218


Dian Feng, MD
Rajoo Thapa, MDmoved out of state
Johnathan Baalman, MD