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Keep your 2019 Roster current by adding the information listed below and in the Membership section of this issue of the MSSC News:


Brenda L. Harkins, MD
[BC] Obstetrics & Gynecology
Associates in Women’s Health, PA
OFF: 283-4153
FAX: 239-2817
700 Medical Center Dr S-120, Newton, 67114


John Du Puis, MD
FAX: 719-1018

Rosalie Focken, MD
FAX: 719-1021

Bernard Hearon, MD
FAX: 631-1617

Thomas Sanders, MD
FAX: 631-1673

Brandon Scott, MD
FAX: 631-1683

Advocates for Behavorial Health
Elsie Steelberg, MD
New address:
1861 N Rock Rd S-203, 67206

Redbud Pediatrics
Drs. Jamie Page & Rebecca Reddy, MD
8725 E 32nd St N, 67226

Dr. Giao Pham
7570 W 21st St N S-1006B, 67205
OFF: 201-1202

Kansas Surgical Consultants
2nd Office information for the following physicians:
Andrew Hentzen, MD
Diane Hunt, MD
Christina Nicholas, MD
Scott Porter, MD

William Waswick, MD
OFF: 219-9360
9300 E 29th St N S-203, 67226

Mid-America Orthopedics
OFF: 630-9300
John Babb, MD
Tarun Bhargava, MD
Pat Do, MD
David Hufford, MD
Ryan Livermore, MD
Justin Strickland, MD

Taylor Bertschy, DO
Wesley Medical Center – Obstetrics Hospitalist
OFF: 962-3000
550 N Hillside, 67214

Sara E Purdy, DO
Effective July 1, 2019
OFF: 613-5800
FAX: 768-8000
990 S George Washington Blvd, 67211


Larry Hund, MDAug. 1, 2019


Rao Chundury, MD Moved out of state
Tracie Collins, MD MPH ­
Moved out of state July 30, 2019
Robert Cusick, MD ­Moved out of state July 1, 2019
Benjamin Kallenberger, DO ­
Moved out of state July 9, 2019
Thomas Scott, MD ­
Moved out of state July 1, 2019
Del Rey, MD ­
Moved out of area
Mathias J. Lillig, MD ­
Moved out of state


Donald Bebak, MDJan. 15, 2019