EMS reorganizes to combine operations, medical

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Dr. Gallagher

Sedgwick County Emergency Medical Services has consolidated its financial, operational and clinical divisions under a single director, paving the way for more streamlined services, better efficiencies in management and training, and a stronger patient-centered focus.

MSSC member John Gallagher, MD, is now both the medical director and the director of the combined operations. This physician-led model aims to more strategically utilize system resources, reduce unnecessary ambulance transports and emergency department visits, and deliver better care that is more cost effective.

First responders: The new physician-led EMS model aims to more strategically utilize system resources, reduce unnecessary ambulance transports and emergency department visits, and deliver better care that is more cost effective. Photo source: Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services.

Assistant county manager Russell Leeds outlined the benefits in a comprehensive report.

“This solution offers certain organizational efficiencies and leverages the clinical expertise and system partnerships of the medical director to advance the mission, vision and values of EMS and Sedgwick County,” Leeds wrote.

Gallagher said the reorganization eliminates duplication of services in areas such as quality assurance, program development, training and education while providing streamlined, physician-level support and single-voice communications.

“Sedgwick County EMS is full of passionate EMS professionals,” Gallagher said. “I am proud to work with them on a daily basis to ensure that the needs of our community are met through medical best practices, operational efficiency, and compassion.”

Gallagher is dual board certified in Emergency Medicine and EMS Medicine. As medical director, he provides clinical oversight for more than 1,000 EMS providers in Sedgwick County. The reorganization maintains branches of operations, clinical oversight and support/finance under the leadership of the medical director and allows for the hiring of an assistant medical director.

“The Medical Society is very supportive of this new organization model,” said Phillip Brownlee, MSSC executive director, which oversees EMS medical protocols. “A physician-led system will help ensure Sedgwick County residents receive effective and efficient care.”

Save the Dates

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Mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss these upcoming meetings and events.

KMS Annual Meeting

Sept. 6-7, Wichita Hyatt Regency • Joint session with Kansas Hospital Association on Friday afternoon. KMS annual meeting and members forum Saturday morning.

Celebration of IMGs

Oct. 1, 6-8 p.m., Botanica • Recognize international medical graduates and their contributions our medical community at this fun event. Learn more about their medical school experience and journeys to the U.S. Enjoy Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern food from local restaurants.

August President’s Message: International medical graduates in Wichita create rich diversity

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by Michael Lievens, MD —

The Wichita community has been richly blessed for many decades by the hard work, intelligence and compassionate care provided by graduates of international medical schools. On Oct. 1 at Botanica, the MSSC general membership meeting will celebrate our IMGs.

Two local restaurants will provide food representing some of the home cultures of our physicians. There also will be a panel discussion in which several physicians share their medical school experiences.

This fun event provides a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about our colleagues and become better connected. And I suspect the food will be delicious! I encourage you to treat yourself to a great evening. Get away from the EHR for a couple hours for some actual human interaction with peers.

It is difficult to contemplate what this community would look like without the presence of immigrant physicians and their families. They are us. We are all one.

There is a lot of political debate in this country about immigration. I don’t pretend to know all the issues, especially at our southern border. But whenever I contemplate immigrant physicians, I can’t comprehend why we would ever wish to make it difficult for such talented, good people to move to the U.S. We are a better, richer, more-interesting country with them here.

MSSC currently has 182 active members who attended medical schools in 39 diff erent countries – 39! And if you include retired MSSC members who are IMGs, the country count increases to 49.

Physician Engagement

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This month, we capture physicians and guests at the Aug. 20 Wichita Docs Under 40 event at Chicken N Pickle.

While summer raged on at well over 100 degrees outside, cool beverages, laughter and air conditioning prevailed at the popular Wichita Docs Under 40 social event at Chicken N Pickle on Aug. 20. “Sticking together is more important than ever,” MSSC board president Michael Lievens, MD, said at the event. “The changes happening in medicine in general are not always good. It’s up to us to protect not only our patients but our practices as well, and we can do that together.”

News In Brief

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New and noteworthy …

Physicians needed to assist in public health emergencies

Sedgwick County Emergency Management is seeking physicians to assist during large-scale community public health emergencies that require medical countermeasures, such as an Anthrax attack or a flu pandemic.

Public health preparedness staff are developing plans in accordance with CDC guidelines to provide medication to 80 percent of the local population in 48 hours. The strategy will involve both large health care delivery sites that will be open to the general public and sites at businesses that will treat employees and their families. It is at the business sites that SCEM is seeking physician assistance.

For more information, contact Cynthia Dodson, ESF 8 coordinator, at (316) 660-0983 or cynthia.dodson@sedgwick.gov.

University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita docs edit new global resource guide

Renowned pharmacological researchers and University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita faculty members Matthew Macaluso, DO, and Sheldon Preskorn, MD, are editors of a new handbook on antidepressants that will serve as a resource and guide for researchers, physicians and students around the globe.

“Antidepressants: From Biogenic Amines to New Mechanisms of Action” examines medications used to treat major depressive disorder – also known as clinical depression. It affects about one in five people during their lifetimes and costs society an estimated $100 billion a year, experts say.

“It’s really a soup to nuts overview of antidepressants starting in antiquity, what is the state of aff airs now and what’s coming down the pike,” said Macaluso, an associate professor at the medical school and assistant dean of research, director of psychiatry residency program and director of Center for Clinical Research. Macaluso and Preskorn also are contributors, as are other Wichita faculty, including Dee Brooke Lochmann, DO, Tara Richardson, MD, and Tiffany Schwasinger-Schmidt, MD, PhD.

In Remembrance

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MSSC extends its condolences to the families of Drs. Drevets and Sullivan.

Dr. Drevets

Curtis Drevets, MD, a Wichita allergist-immunologist, died July 17. He was 89. Dr. Drevets graduated from Wheaton College and the University of Kansas School of Medicine. He completed his residency and fellowships in internal medicine and allergy/immunology at the University of Iowa. He joined Wichita Clinic in 1965 where he practiced until his retirement in 1999. His family said Dr. Drevets went on more than 30 international mission trips as both a physician and an educator. In retirement, he was known for befriending international students, visiting fellow cancer sufferers, gardening at Botanica, woodcarving and fishing with friends. “Dr. Drevets served his patients compassionately and gave his time generously in leadership,” his family said.

Dr. Sullivan

Leonard Sullivan, MD, passed away at his home in Larksfield Place on July 23. He was 83. Dr. Sullivan attended the University of Kansas School of Medicine where, as a student janitor in the campus hospital, he met and later married his wife. He graduated with a medical degree in 1961 and interned at General Hospital (now Truman Medical Center) in Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Sullivan served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps as a captain at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. After a brief time as a general practitioner in El Dorado, Dr. Sullivan returned to the University of Kansas to specialize in pediatrics. He worked as a pediatrician at the Wichita Clinic for 33 years. Dr. Sullivan was Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic for 20 years and served in leadership roles in the pediatric departments at both Wesley Medical Center and St. Francis hospital. He also participated in medical missions in Honduras and Nepal and was an active member of Central Christian Church, where he served as a teacher, deacon and elder.


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Members of the Society who know a good and sufficient reason why any of the following applicants are not eligible for membership are requested to communicate with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County office.

[BC] Board Certified  [R] Residency  [F] Accredited Fellowship  [F*] Unaccredited Fellowship [AT] Additional Training

Madan M. Acharya, MD
[BC]Cardiovascular Disease
Heartland Cardiology, LLC
OFF: 686-5300
FAX: 651-2660
3535 N Webb Rd, 67226

Veerayyagari Annapurna, MD
[BC] Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mid-Kansas Women’s Group
OFF: 685-2183
FAX: 688-5208
9300 E 29th St N S-201, 67226

Alaa Boulad, MD
[F] Cardiovascular Disease
[F] Interventional Cardiology
William Newton Cardiology
OFF: 620-222-6264
FAX: 620-800-1011
1230 E 6th Ave, Winfi eld 67156

John A. Childs, DO
[R] Orthopaedic Surgery
[F-A] Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle
Advanced Orthopaedic Associates
OFF: 631-1600
FAX: 631-1617
2778 N Webb Rd, 67226

Rhanda M. Eboh, MD
[BC] Psychiatry
Freestate Connect
OFF: 670-3800
FAX: 789-6210
4723 E. Douglas, 67218

Peeyush Grover, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
[BC] Internal Medicine
Heartland Cardiology
OFF: 685-5300
FAX: 651-2660
3535 N Webb Rd, 67226

Paige A. Harwell, MD
[R] General Surgery
Wichita Surgical Specialists, PA
OFF: 263-2013
FAX: 494-6866
818 N Emporia S-303, 67214

Jonathan A. Jensen, MD
[R] Urology
Wichita Urology Group
OFF: 636-6100
FAX: 636-5813
2626 N Webb Rd, 67226

Kimberly T. Krohn, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Wesley Family Medicine Center
OFF: 962-3070
FAX: 962-3136
850 N Hillside, 67214

Shuo Li, MD
[F] Vascular & Interventional Radiology
[R] Diagnostic Radiology
Wichita Radiological Group
OFF: 684-1367
FAX: 685-9388
551 N Hillside S-320, 67214

Mark R. Mankins, MD
[BC] Surgery
[F] Thoracic Surgery
Wichita Surgical Specialists
OFF: 858-5000
FAX: 494-6886
9350 E 35th St N S-103, 67226

Scott D. McLaren, MD
[BC] Critical Care/Anesthesiology
Anesthesiology Consulting Services, PA
OFF: 304-926-0427
FAX: 855-641-3908
PO Box 356, 67201

Holly Montgomery, MD
[R] Obestretic & Gynecology
Associates in Womens Health
OFF: 685-7234
FAX: 685-0317
3232 E Murdock, 67214

Patrick Ters, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Consultants of Kansas
OFF: 265-1308
FAX: 265-4480
9350 E 35th St N S-101, 67226

Vismay J. Thakkar, MD
[BC] Neurology
Neurology Associates of Kansas, LLC
OFF: 682-5544
FAX: 682-9944
3243 E Murdock S-104, 67208

Locke D. Uppendahl, MD
[F] Gynecological Oncology
[R] Obstetrics & Gynecology
Associates in Women’s Health
OFF: 685-7234
FAX: 685-0317
3232 E Murdock, 67208

Jarvis W. Walters, DO
[BC] General Surgery
Surgical Specialists, PA
OFF: 945-7309
FAX: 945-9131
4013 N Ridge Rd S-210, 67205

Roster Updates

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Keep your 2019 Roster current by adding the information listed below and in the Membership section of this issue of the MSSC News:


Ransom Kilgore, MD III
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Founders Circle
OFF: 613-4707
FAX: 613-5396
1947 Founders Circle, 67206

Natalia Montoya, MD
Montoya Family Practice dba Health and Wellness
OFF: 618-0035
FAX: 618-0010
8415 E Pawnee, 67207

Lowell Ebersole, DO
[BC] Family Medicine
Wesley Medical Center
Chief Medical Offi cer
OFF: 962-2640
FAX: 962-3056
550 N Hillside, 67214

Wichita Urology Outreach locations:
Gregory Byrd, MD – Derby & Lakin
Jeffrey Davis, MD – Derby, Moundridge & Newton
Ayham Farha, MD – Winfield
James Gilbaugh, MD – Fredonia & Wellington
Andrew Jensen, MD – Anthony & Hoisington
Fadi Joudi, MD – Kingman & Pratt
Philippe Nabbout, MD – Newton
Timothy Richardson, MD – Arkansas City & Pratt
George Zakharia, MD – El Dorado
Scheduling for these locations is available by calling (316) 636-6100


Barry L. Murphy, MDAug. 19, 2019
Teresa A. Reynolds, MD – Aug. 10, 2019
Kimberly Hartwell, MDSept. 1, 2019


Fannette Thornhill-Scott, MDmoved out of state
Arpan Doshi, MDmoved out of state
Unnati Doshi, MDmoved out of state
Taralyn S. Weiser, MD