Council candidates share stances on health issues and city’s role

City Council District 1 candidates, from left, John Stevens, Janet Wilson, Brandon Johnson and Michael Kinard.

City Council District 1 candidates, from left, John Stevens, Janet Wilson, Brandon Johnson and Michael Kinard.

Candidates in Wichita City Council races had an opportunity recently to give their views on such health care issues as the city’s role in promoting public health, funding bicycle and pedestrian paths, raising the age for buying tobacco, including e-cigarettes in the clean air ordinance, and increasing health equity.

The health care forum, July 18 at the Scottish Rite Center, featured seven of eight candidates in Districts 1, 3 and 6. The forum was sponsored by the MSSC, Health ICT, Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, the Health Alliance, Project Access and others, with assistance from the League of Women Voters. Becky Tuttle, chair of the Health & Wellness Coalition, moderated the event attended by about 60 people.

District 1 has a busy field of Brandon Johnson, Janet Wilson, Michael Kinard and John Stevens all seeking to replace Lavonta Williams, who cannot run again because of term limits. The top two vote-getters in the Aug. 1 primary advance to the Nov. 7 general election.

District 6 candidate Cindy Claycomb, left, and District 3 candidates William Stofer and incumbent James Clendenin, right, with forum moderator Becky Tuttle.

District 6 candidate Cindy Claycomb, left, and District 3 candidates William Stofer and incumbent James Clendenin, right, with forum moderator Becky Tuttle.

With two candidates, District 3 and 6 won’t have primaries. District 3 incumbent James Clendenin faces William Stofer, while in District 6 Cindy Claycomb opposes Sybil Strum. Strum was not at the forum.

The candidates addressed questions provided ahead of time and ones from audience members, who asked about public transit and mental health funding and whether the Board of Health should be appointed and city-county run instead of having county commissioners serve as the board as they now do.

Candidates praised growth in bike and walking paths. Their appeal to young people and as economic development tool were mentioned by Johnson, Claycomb and others. “People will stay and invest here,” Johnson said, and Wilson observed “millennials want to bike and walk” and not own cars. Clendenin was proud of the city’s investment, but noted budgets are tight. Stevens called current spending “adequate.”

When asked whether the city should raise the age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21, differences emerged. “You can’t legislate good behavior,” said Stofer, adding he favored prevention instead. Several candidates noted they felt conflicted, since 18-year-olds can vote and fight wars. That, Kinard said, made him want to keep the age at 18, a stance Stevens also held. Other candidates favored the age rise. Virtually all candidates favored including e-cigarettes in the regulation of indoor smoking.

Access to health care came up repeatedly, arising through questions about making farmers markets easier to set up (streamline it, most said) and the city’s role in promoting Community Health Improvement Plan goals. Regarding CHIP, answers ranged from a strong city role (Claycomb, Johnson, Clendenin and Wilson) to a more collaborative one (Kinard, Stofer) to Stevens’ belief that, while the city should cooperate, public health is “a county function.”

July Message – Carefully monitoring opiates

by Denis Knight, DO dennisknighttonededitedjan17web

A January New York Times article documented why Americans need to take the opiate crisis seriously, noting 33,000 people died in 2015. Overdose deaths kill as many people as car crashes, and deaths from heroin alone exceed those of gun homicides.

The lives lost are not simply the homeless, nameless and faceless persons in the forgotten quarters of society but our children, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers. With a problem so widespread, hardly anyone can look at their own family and not see this scourge. Even more alarming is that what little public funds are available for detoxification and treatment could be cut further by our legislators on Capitol Hill.

At the recent AMA Annual Convention in Chicago, I heard much discussion of proposals to address the opiate epidemic. Nevertheless, as physicians we still are responsible for prescribing opiates for those patients needing them. Treatment of pain related to cancer and end of life care seems to be without much debate. Likewise, it isn’t controversial for nurses in licensed facilities to dispense opiate analgesics for rehabilitation and long-term care. Most agree that patients receiving acute care in a hospital can safely receive opiates for pain.Read More

Meeting to peer into odd, innovative life of Dr. Mütter

The next MSSC members meeting will feature a look into the quirky world of 19th century surgeon Thomas Dent Mütter.

Author Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz will talk about Mütter on Oct. 24 at the joint meeting of the MSSC and the Jager Club. Aptowicz says the doctor “revolutionized American medicine with his daring surgical work, his pioneering use of anesthesia, and his life-long advocacy of a compassion-based vision of medicine.”

Her 2014 book, Dr Mütter’s Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine, was a NY Times best-seller.

Join the Jager Club

Begun in the 1960s to honor Wichita’s first pathologist, the Jager Club focuses on medical history. It holds four dinner meetings a year, with an annual joint meeting with the MSSC in October.

Call KUSM-Wichita Academic & Student Affairs at (316) 293-2603 to learn more. Membership forms and other info are available by going to and searching for Jager Club.

New center focuses on infant mortality

A new center at KU School of Medicine-Wichita will focus on the difficult issue of infant mortality, building upon work done through the MSSC-sponsored Maternal Infant Health Coalition and Safe Sleep Task Force.

Cari Schmidt, director of research in KUSM-Wichita’s Department of Pediatrics, is director of the Center for Research on Infant Birth and Survival (CRIBS). MSSC member Dr. Stephanie Kuhlmann, pediatrics hospitalist and associate professor in the department, is director of implementation, a role intended to “turn research into action.”

The statewide center’s goals include conducting research and disseminating best practices to others working in infant mortality and related fields, such as safe sleep. Schmidt said efforts statewide have been fragmented and the good work occurring is often isolated. The center hopes to bring researchers, individuals and organizations together and increase the impact of their efforts.

CRIBS is putting together a board of directors and seeking grants. Its first major goal is organizing a summit next spring or early summer. Input gained there will help guide initial areas of emphasis and identify groups and individuals interested in collaborating.Read More

Drs. Scott, Thornhill-Scott earn honor from Inter-Faith Ministries

Dr. Thomas Scott

Dr. Thomas Scott

Dr. Fannette Thornhill-Scott

Dr. Fannette Thornhill-Scott

MSSC members Drs. Thomas Scott and Fannette Thornhill-Scott will be honored Aug. 17 with Inter-Faith Ministries’ Peace by Piece Award for their medical and community service here and around the globe. The Scotts, who met in medical school, will receive the award recognizing grass-roots efforts to make a difference at Inter-Faith’s 65th Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner.

Dr. Scott, an allergy and asthma specialist with Via Christi Clinic, mentors young people through Kappa Leadership League, Coleman Middle School and the LINKS program. Dr. Thornhill-Scott, a pediatric hospitalist at Wesley Medical Center, has worked to reduce infant mortality and set up the Nananom Foundation to promote health care access and education in the U.S. and in Ghana, West Africa.

Since 1951, Inter-Faith Ministries has given the awards to honorees demonstrating “devotion to others, dedication to making the community better, perseverance in the face of difficulty, strong faith, and a commitment to using their time and talents to help those in need.”

Medical Service Bureau has new director

The Medical Service Bureau, which links low-income Sedgwick County residents with prescription medications with prescription medication and vision care assistance, has a new executive director.

Aaron Walker joined the bureau June 1, replacing Jean Hogan. Walker’s experience includes many years with Youthville and most recently as vice president of strategic development at United Methodist Healthy Ministry Fund in Hutchinson.

The nonprofit bureau, established in 1937 by a group of MSSC physicians, served 3,798 eligible clients last year. It provides vouchers for medications and diabetic supplies, as well as arranging for eye exams and eyeglasses. The bureau, 1530 S. Oliver, Suite 130, takes walk-in patients and referrals from physicians. Medical practices can obtain forms by calling 683-7559. Learn more at

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Earl Mills scholarships available

The Earl L. Mills Educational Trust is accepting applications from practicing physicians for scholarship funds to support additional study in medicine lasting 4-12 months at an approved institution or to attend local educational seminars offering post-graduate opportunities. Applicants must have practiced in Kansas for at least five years and be a member of a medical group no larger than five. The deadline is Aug. 31, 2017. To request an application, call Stephanie Clausen with INTRUST Bank at 383-1912.


Members of the Society who know a good and sufficient reason why any of the following applicants are not eligible for membership are requested to communicate with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County office.

[BC] Board Certified  [R] Residency  [F] Accredited Fellowship  [F*] Unaccredited Fellowship [AT] Additional Training
New Applicants

Fadi Al Muhaisen, MD
[BC] Pediatrics
Children’s Mercy Hospital
OFF: 500-8900 / FAX: 500-8950
3243 E Murdock S-201 67208

Christopher Baalmann, MD
[F] Vascular/Interventional
[R] Diagnostic Radiology
OFF: 685-1367 / FAX: 685-9388
551 N Hillside S-320 67214

Alexander J. Bollinger, MD
[R] Orthopaedic Surgery
[F] Hand Surgery
Advanced Orthopaedics Associates
OFF: 631-1600 / FAX: 631-1698
2778 N Webb Rd 67226

Venkata Boppana, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
[BC] Internal Medicine
Heartland Cardiology
OFF: 686-5300 / FAX: 651-2660
551 N Hillside S-410 67214

Daniel DeJong, MD
[R] Internal Medicine
Sound Physicians
OFF: 268-5000
929 N. St. Francis 67214

Zaher Fanari, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
[BC] Interventional Cardiology
[BC] Internal Medicine
Heartland Cardiology
OFF: 686-5300 / FAX: 651-2660
551 N Hillside S-410 67214

Christina A. Godwin, MD
[R] Urology
Via Christi Clinic – Murdock
OFF: 689-9185 / FAX: 689-9909
3311 E Murdock 67208

Christopher Halphen, DO
[R] Orthopaedic Surgery
[F*] Orthopaedic Surgery –
Musculoskeletal Oncology
Via Christi Clinic – Founders Circle
OFF: 613-4640 / FAX: 613-4643
1947 Founders Circle 67206

Benjamin Hawley, MD
[R] Otolaryngology
Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose & Throat
OFF: 684-2838 / FAX: 684-3326
310 S Hillside 67211

Ali Jahansooz, MD
[R] Internal Medicine
KUSM-Internal Medicine
OFF: 293-2650 / FAX: 293-1878
1010 N Kansas 67214

Anwar K. Jones, MD
[BC] Pediatrics
[F] Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Via Christi Hospitals
OFF: 689-5475 / FAX: 691-6772
3600 E Harry 67218

Walter Kalu, MD
[R] Psychiatry
Via Christi Clinic-Psychiatry
OFF: 858-0550 / FAX: 858-0596
8901 E Orme 67207

Kylee Levin, MD
[BC] Anesthesiology
[F] Pediatric Anesthesiology
Via Christi-Founders Circle
OFF: 613-4931 / FAX: 613-4937
1947 Founders Circle 67206

Adam McClure, MD
[R] Pediatrics
KU-Pediatric Hospitalists
OFF: 962-7422 / FAX: 962-7805
550 N Hillside Bldg-1 6th Fl. 67214

Larry D. Mitnaul, Jr., MD
[BC] Psychiatry
[F] Child & Adult Psychiatry
Via Christi Clinic
OFF: 689-9205 / FAX: 689-6467
1131 S Clifton S-A 67218

Michael C. Morgan, MD
[BC] Pathology [BC] Cytopathology
Heartland Pathology
OFF: 636-5666 / FAX: 636-2777
9300 E 29th St N S-208 67226

Robert J. Murphy, MD
[BC] Neurology
Neurology Consultants of Kansas
OFF: 261-3220 / FAX: 261-3298
2135 N Collective Lane 67206

Philippe Nabbout, MD
[R] Urology
Wichita Urology Group
OFF: 636-6100 / FAX: 636-5813
2626 N Webb Rd 67226

Aaron M. Nilhas, MD
[R] General Surgery
Wichita Surgical Specialists
OFF: 263-0296 / FAX: 263-9523
818 N Emporia S-200 67214

Jonathan Pankow, MD
[R] Internal Medicine
Sounds Physicians
OFF: 268-5000
929 N. St. Francis 67214

Devin Penny, DO
[BC] Family Medicine
Via Christi Family Med. Residency
OFF: 858-3460 / FAX: 858-3458
707 N Emporia 67214

Katie Rosell, MD
[R] Neurology [R] Internal Medicine
Neurology Consultants of Kansas
OFF: 261-3220 / FAX: 261-3298
2135 N Collective Lane 67206

Apeksha Sathyaprasad, MD
[BC] Pediatrics
OFF: 962-2080 / FAX: 962-2079
3243 E Murdock S-500 67208

Tiffany Schwasinger-Schmidt, MD
[R] Internal Medicine
OFF: 293-2622/FAX: 855-517-9494
8533 E 32nd St N 67226

Jonathan D. Scrafford, MD
[R] Ob/Gyn
Via Christi Clinic – Ob/Gyn
OFF: 636-1550 / FAX: 796-7999
1515 S Clifton S-400 67218

David Truong, MD
[F*] Cornea & External Disease
[R] Ophthalmology
Grene Vision Group
OFF: 684-5158 / FAX: 681-1005
655 N Woodlawn 67208

Gaurav Tyagi, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular Care
OFF: 616-3333 / FAX: 616-0974
1515 S Clifton S-100 67218

Mohinder Vindhyal, MD
[BC] Internal Medicine
KUSM-Internal Medicine
OFF: 293-2650 / FAX: 293-1878
1010 N Kansas 67214

Derek Young, MD
[R] Internal Medicine
Sound Physicians
OFF: 268-5000
929 N. St. Francis 67214

Joseph Zenisek, MD
[BC] Cardiovascular Disease
[BC] Internal Medicine
Cardiovascular Consultants
of Kansas
OFF: 265-1308 / FAX: 265-4480
9350 E 35th St N S-101 67226

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Maged El-Zein, MD
Janel Harting, MD
Victor Salloum, MD
Chloe Steinshouer, MD
Son Truong, MD

Pulmonary & Sleep
Consultants of Kansas
OFF & FAX are the same
3009 N Cypress 67226

John Flesher, MD
Sunflower Pulmonary
and Sleep Medicine
OFF: 201-1755 / FAX: 201-1138
9350 E 35th St N S-104, 67226

Travis Stembridge, MD
Aetna, Effective 5/31/2017

Reinstate to Active

John D. Knudtson, MD
Kansas Imaging Consultants
OFF: 689-5050 / FAX: 689-6192
3600 E Harry 67218

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Stephen Olson, MD


Bruce Bammel, MD
Dennis Buth, MD


Todd Brubaker, DO (moving out of state)
Daniel Davis, MD
(moving out of state)
Wenny Jean, MD
(moving out of state)
Somsupha Kanjanauthai, MD
(moving out of state)
Edgar LeClaire, MD
(moving out of state)
Cinderella Radu, MD
(moving out of state)
Jeremy Tamir, MD (moving out of state)


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