MPR provides vital services to MSSC members and clients statewide

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MPR-logo-1Dr. Ravi Bajaj, one of the original two physicians at Heartland Cardiology, likes knowing someone is keeping licenses and privileges up to date for his practice, now 12 doctors and growing.

“MPR has been invaluable,” Dr. Bajaj said. “They will be proactive; they will let my office know we need a renewal six months from the date. They will contact the hospital; they will get the applications. They take care of my VA application. Just handling those details is so important.”

For MSSC members and others, Medical Provider Resources offers a unique service. It is the only credentialing company in the United States that allows a physician to share information once and have provider enrollment, hospital privileges, licensure renewals and other on-going administrative tasks completed. A physician-owned, for-profit affiliate of the MSSC, MPR is one of only three credentialing services affiliated with a county medical society, offering a breadth of services others don’t.

Some offer central verification but not provider enrollment or network credentialing, while MPR is a one-stop shop for providers, medical practices, health care facilities and others.

“No other medical society credentialing service offers what we do to the depth we do it,” said MPR CEO Vicki Bond, who is active in the National Association of Medical Staff Services. “Our goal is to provide services to the physicians that allow them to focus on what they were trained to do, and that is to provide great patient care.”

Having that expertise and experience at hand means practices have one less thing to worry about, Dr. Bajaj said, adding “services like MPR let us focus on patients and the hospitals.”

“MPR is profitable and sustainable, providing not only ready access for members and their practices but also supporting the mission of the Medical Society,” said Dr. Zachary Kuhlmann, chairman of the MPR board.

MPR currently does credentialing for over 65 facilities and networks. It also does provider enrollment for over 40 facilities. Four employees are dedicated to handling enrollment with insurance companies.

The company has a veteran staff, one benefiting from a commitment to professional development. A recent example is that Nathan Huerter, business operations coordinator, recently became dual certified, becoming a Certified Professional in Medical Services Management (CPMSM) in addition to his existing Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) status.

Dual certification isn’t the norm, nor is passing the certification test on the first try, as Huerter did this year. His recent designation demonstrates competency in credentialing management and overall mastering of the systems involved.

“I’m proud of Nathan and his accomplishments. Certification of our staff provides credibility and a deepening of our knowledge of our industry.– that’s what sets us apart,” Bond said.

In the past several years, MPR began offering recruitment credentialing, running checks and building files on possible employees for medical practices and others. Having that information in hand serves as a solid foundation for obtaining hospital privileges and provider enrollment once a candidate is hired.

“Collecting all that information up front gives us a jumpstart on centralized verification, network credentialing and provider enrollment,” Huerter said.

Until not long ago, Associates in Women’s Health did its provider enrollment in-house, but when the employee handling left, it talked with MPR. Going outside was a big change, and there was some nervousness at first, said Chris Francis, CEO of the 18-doctor practice.

“We gained confidence quickly,” Francis said. “They have one person assigned to us, and they are easy to get ahold of, follow up quickly and are easy to work with.”

“Credentialing involves so many different details, and you need somebody who really understands them and the order involved,” he said. “MPR has been a great partner.”


Interested in learning more about MPR and its services? See its website,, or contact CEO Vicki Bond at (316) 683-0178 or