MIHC undergoing leadership shift

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MIHC-logo-rgbThe Maternal Infant Health Coalition, founded in 2010 and coordinated by the MSSC, is undergoing a leadership change.

The coalition had been chaired by MSSC Executive Director Jon Rosell and Christy Schunn of the Kansas Infant Death and SIDS Network (KIDS Network). Rosell joined the KMS in January, and Schunn has decided to step aside. Schunn said the decision is a natural step in the evolution of the coalition, as it has succeeded in bringing together people working in common areas to address gaps and problems. Molly Brown, program director of BabyTalk, will become the group’s co-chair, with another co-chair expected to join soon. The coalition consists of professionals, including MSSC member physicians, representing local groups working to make Sedgwick County a better place for children to be born and grow up.