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Members of the Society who know a good and sufficient reason why any of the following applicants are not eligible for membership are requested to communicate with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County office.

[BC] Board Certified  [R] Residency  [F] Accredited Fellowship  [F*] Unaccredited Fellowship [AT] Additional Training
New Applicants

Erika Burke, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
KUSM-Wichita Family Medicine
OFF: 293-2607 / FAX: 293-2696
1010 N Kansas, 67214

Christi L. Leach, MD
[BC] Psychiatry
[BC] Geriatric Psychiatry
Via Christi Psychiatry Clinic
OFF: 858-0333
8901 E Orme St., 67207

Melissa L. Penny, DO
[BC] Family Medicine
Via Christi Family Medicine
OFF: 268-5000 / FAX: 858-3458
707 N Emporia, 67214

Daniel Rivera, MD
[BC] Anesthesiology
Kansas Professional Anesthesia & Pain
Management Specialists
OFF: 618-1515 / FAX: 618-8635
1515 S Clifton S-200, 67218

Mohinder Vindhyal, MD
[BC] Internal Medicine
OFF: 293-2650 / FAX: 293-1878
1010 N Kansas, 67214


Heather Roe, DO
[BC] Family Medicine
OFF: 854-1045 / FAX: 854-5262
2290 N Tyler Rd. S-300 67205