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Members of the Society who know a good and sufficient reason why any of the following applicants are not eligible for membership are requested to communicate with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County office.

[BC] Board Certified  [R] Residency  [F] Accredited Fellowship  [F*] Unaccredited Fellowship [AT] Additional Training

Kirsten Bjorkman, MD
[R] Pediatrics
KU Wichita Pediatric Hospitalists, PA
OFF: 962-7422
FAX: 962-7805
550 N Hillside Bldg 1 6th Fl, 67214

Brent Cameron, MD
[R] Radiation Oncology
Wichita Radiological Group, PA
OFF: 685-1367
FAX: 685-9388
551 N Hillside S-320, 67214

Ayah Elbermawy, MD
[R] Pediatrics
KUSM- Wichita Pediatric Hospitalist
OFF: 962-7422
FAX: 962-7805
550 N Hillside Bldg 1 6th Fl, 67214

Lynn R. Fisher, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Wesley Family Medicine
OFF: 962-3070
FAX: 962-3136
850 N Hillside, 67214

Claire E. Groskurth, MD
[R] Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mid-Kansas Womens Center
OFF: 685-1277
FAX: 688-5208
9300 E 29th St N S-201, 67226

Andrew J. Ormond, MD
[BC] Pediatrics
KUSM- Wichita Pediatrics
OFF: 962-3100
FAX: 962-3132
620 N Carriage Parkway, 67208

Shilpi Relan, MD
[BC] Pediatrics
[F] Pediatric Endocrinology
Children’s Mercy- Specialty Clinic
OFF: 500-8900
FAX: 816-302-9822
3243 E Murdock S-201, 67208

Debra L. Wade, MD
[BC] Diagnostic Radiology
Kansas Imaging Consultants
OFF: 689-5050
FAX: 689-6192
3600 E Harry, 67218

Thomas A. Woltjer, DO
[BC] Ophthalmology
[F] Vitreous & Retina
OFF: 712-4970
FAX: 712-4987
7717 E 29th St N S-100, 67226

Maggie L. Woods, MD
[R] Obstetrics & Gynecology
College Hill OB/GYN, PA
OFF: 683-6766
FAX: 683-1342
3233 E 2nd St N, 67208