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Members of the Society who know a good and sufficient reason why any of the following applicants are not eligible for membership are requested to communicate with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County office.

[BC] Board Certified  [R] Residency  [F] Accredited Fellowship  [F*] Unaccredited Fellowship [AT] Additional Training

Ashley L. Barks, MD
[R] Neurological Surgery
Abay Neuroscience Center, LLC
OFF: 609-2600
FAX: 609-2867
Toll Free: 877-685-2525
3223 N Webb Rd S-1, 67226
NPI: 1972879617

Susanna Ciccolari Micaldi, MD
[BC] Psychiatry
[F] Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
KUSM- Wichita
OFF: 293-2647
FAX: 855-476-0305
1001 N Minneapolis, 67214
NPI: 1790190791

Thomas J. Hendricks, MD
[F] Orthopedic Surgery — Adult Reconstructive
Advanced Orthopaedic Associates
OFF: 631-1600
FAX: 631-1617
2778 N Webb Rd, 67226
NPI: 1629414008

Rajesh K. Sadasivuni, MD
[F] Neurology
Neurology Associates of Kansas, LLC
OFF: 682-5544
FAX: 682-9944
3243 E Murdock S-104, 67208
NPI: 1780998658

Shravani R. Vindhyal, MD
[R] Internal Medicine
Air Capital Emergency Services, LLC
OFF: 322-4567
1518 N Terhune St, 67230
NPI: 1588012801


Reinaldo E. Mijares, MD
[BC] Internal Medicine
Restoration Healthcare
OFF: 990-1295
FAX: 260-1980
7829 E Rockhill St S-307, 67206
NPI: 1750490694