Members of the Society who know a good and sufficient reason why any of the following applicants are not eligible for membership are requested to communicate with the Medical Society of Sedgwick County office.

[BC] Board Certified  [R] Residency  [F] Accredited Fellowship  [F*] Unaccredited Fellowship [AT] Additional Training

May 2020


Arif Hussain, MD
[BC] Pediatric Cardiology
[BC] Pediatrics
Children’s Mercy Wichita Specialty Clinics
OFF: 500-8900
FAX: 816-302-9823
3243 E Murdock S-201, 67208
NPI: 1841837788
Medical education obtained at Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan 5/1979-3/1985. Internships in General Surgery and Pediatrics at Holy Family Hospital, Pakistan, 8/1985-8/1986. Residencies in Pediatrics at Aga Khan University Medical College, Pakistan, 8/1987-8/1990 and 6/1991-6/1992, and at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, NY, 7/1992-6/1994. Fellowships in Pediatric Cardiology at St. Louis Children’s Hospital 7/1994-6/1997 and in Pediatric Critical Care at Children’s Hospital of Buffalo 9/1997-7/1998

Jamey L Iverson, MD
[BC] Anesthesiology
Wichita Anesthesiology, Chtd
OFF: 686-7327
FAX: 686-1557
8080 E Central S-250, 67206
NPI: 1407174394
Medical education obtained at KUSM-Wichita 7/2005-5/2010. Residency in Anesthesiology at KUSM-Wichita 7/2010-6/2014.


April 2020


Carolina Pereira, MD
[BC] Emergency Medicine
[BC] Emergency Medical Services
Wichita/Sedgwick County EMS System
OFF: 660-7971
FAX: 383-7338
200 W Murdock, 67203
NPI: 1881958676
Medical education obtained at Florida State Univ 5/2008-4/2012. Residency in Emergency Medicine at Orlando Regional Medical Center 7/2012-6/2015. Fellowship in Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center 7/2015-6/2016.

March 2020


Suneetha Chintalapati, MD
[BC] Pathology- Anatomic/Pathology-Clinical
Southcentral Pathology Laboratory, PA
OFF: 268-5657
FAX: 291-7881
929 N St Francis, 67214
NPI: 1548670938
Medical education obtained at Rangaraya Medical College 8/2002-12/2008. Residency Anatomic/ Clinical Pathology at Loma Linda Univ. 6/2014-6/2018. Fellowship in Genitourinary Pathology at Univ. of TX Southwestern 7/2018-6/2019.

Monica C. Quinn, DO
[BC] Pediatrics
[F] Pediatric Critical Care
Wesley Medical Center- Pediatric Critical Care
OFF: 962-3304
FAX: 962-2152
550 N Hillside, 67214
NPI: 1114260676
Medical education obtained at KCUMB 8/2009-5/2013. Residency in Pediatrics at Children’s Mercy Hospital 7/2013-6/2016. Fellowship in Pediatrics Critical Care at Emory Univ. 6/2016-7/2019.

Paul T. Stockmann, MD
[BC] Pediatric Surgery
[BC] Surgical Critical Care
[BC] Surgery
Wesley Medical Center- Pediatric Critical Care
OFF: 962-3304
FAX: 962-2152
550 N Hillside, 67214
NPI: 158864932
Medical education obtained at Univ of Missouri-Columbia 8/1979-5/1983. Residency in General Surgery at Washington Univ of School of Medicine- St Louis 7/1983-6/1990. Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at Children’s Hospital of Michigan 7/1992-6/1994.

February 2020


Edward N. Digges, MD
[BC] Otolaryngology
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi, Founders Circle
OFF: 613-4680
FAX: 613-4940
1947 Founders Circle, 67206
NPI: 1093731150
Medical education obtained at Wake Forest Univ 8/1996-5/2000. Internship in General Surgery at Univ of Nebraska 7/2000-6/2001. Residency in Otolaryngology at Univ of Nebraska 7/2001-6/2005. Non-accredited Fellowship in Otolaryngology at Silverstein Institute 7/2005-6/2006.

Shubika G. D’Souza, MD
[BC] Pediatric
Pediatrix Medical Group
OFF: 962-8550
FAX: 962-8581
550 N Hillside, 67214
NPI: 1144644303
Medical education obtained at Samaj Medical College 7/2005-5/2011. Residency in Pediatrics at Monmouth MC 7/2013-6/2016. Fellowship in Neonatology at Tampa General Hospital 7/2016-6/2019.

Darsham Y. Gonzalez, MD
[BC] Internal Medicine
Hunter Health Clinic
OFF: 262-2415
FAX: 264-4734
527 N Grove St, 67214
NPI: 1235346115
Medical education obtained at Case Western Reserve Univ. 7/01/2001-5/15/2005. Residency in Internal Medicine at Metro Health Medical Center 7/01/2005-6/30/2008.

Melissa Jefferson, MD
[BC] Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
KUSM- Wichita Pediatrics
OFF: 962-2080
FAX: 962-2079
3243 E Murdock S-500, 67208
NPI: 1972710135
Medical education obtained at Michigan State Univ 7/1998-8/2002. Residency in Pediatrics at Univ of Texas at San Antonio 7/2002-6/2005. Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 7/2006-6/2009.

Diana M. Leitner, MD
[BC] Ophthalmology,
[F*] Vitreo Retinal
Grene Vision Group
OFF: 684-5158
FAX: 681-1005
655 N Woodlawn, 67208
NPI: 1043572613
Medical education obtained at KUSM- KC 8/2008-5/2012. Internship in Preliminary Medicine at KUSM-Wichita 7/2012-6/2013. Residency in Ophthalmology at Geisinger MC 7/2013-6/2016. Fellowship in Medical Retina at Duke MC. Non-accredited Fellowship in Vitreo Retinal at Cleveland Clinic Akron General MC 7/2017-6/2019.

Shean R. McKnight, MD
[BC] Psychiatry
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Psychiatry
OFF: 858-0550
FAX: 858-0596
1515 S Clifton S-300, 67207
NPI: 1740577824
Medical education obtained at American Univ of the Caribbean 5/1/2007-12/10/2010. Internship in Psychiatry at KUSM 7/1/2011-6/30/2012. Residency in Psychiatry at KUSM 7/1/2012-6/30/2015.

Michael S. Morrow, DO
[BC] Diagnostic Radiology
Kansas Imaging Consultants, PA
OFF: 689-5050
FAX: 689-6192
3600 E Harry, 67218
NPI: 1598745721
Medical education obtained at Oklahoma State Univ 8/1999-5/2003. Internship in Family Medicine at St. Anthony’s Hospital 6/2003-6/2004. Residency in Diagnostic Radiology at Baystate Medical Center 7/2013-6/2017. Fellowship in Breast Imaging at Univ of Massachusetts Medical School 7/2017-6/2018.

Jessica D. Paxson, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Integrity Medicine, LLC
OFF: 283-6655
FAX: 283-3199
715 Medical Center Dr S-200, 67114
NPI: 1720436215
Medical education obtained at Univ of Kansas –Kansas City 7/2012-5/2016. Residency in Family Medicine at Wesley Family Practice 7/2016-7/2019.

Tessa E. Rohrberg, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Wesley Family Medicine Center
OFF: 962-3070
FAX: 962-3136
850 N Hillside, 67214
NPI: 1295097681
Medical education obtained at KUSM-Wichita 8/2008-5/2012. Residency in Family Medicine at Wesley Medical Center 7/2012-6/2015.

Yvonne L. Saunders-Teigeler, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
North Amidon Family Physicians
OFF: 838-8585
FAX: 838-6222
3443 N Amidon, 67204
NPI: 1477534030
Medical education obtained at St. George’s Univ 9/1994-12/1997. Residency in Family Medicine at Southern Illinois Univ 7/1998-6/2001

Jeffrey K. Wingate, MD
[BC] Orthopedic Surgery
[F-A] Orthopedic Spine Surgery
Mid-America Orthopedics
OFF: 630-9300
FAX: 262-4887
1923 N Webb Rd, 67206
NPI: 1235117524
Medical education obtained at Univ of South Carolina School of Medicine 8/1986-5/1990. Internship in General Surgery at Medical Univ of South Carolina 7/1990-6/1992. Residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Medical Univ of South Carolina 7/1992-6/1996. Non-accredited Fellowship in Orthopedic Surgery of the Spine at Southeastern Spine Institute 7/1996-6/1997.


Michelle R. Brown, MD
Medical Director at Essential Health and Wellness
OFF: 425-3337
FAX: 425-3799
1001 N Buckner St, Derby 67037
NPI: 179012875

Douglas P. Lewis, MD
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Spirit
OFF: 613-5800
FAX: 768-8000
990 S George Washington Blvd, 67211
NPI: 1558366641

Cynthia I. Nash, MD
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi St Francis
Family Medicine
OFF: 858-3460
FAX: 858-3458
707 N Emporia, 67214
NPI: 1124143409

January 2020


At the MSSC annual meeting in December, members approved several bylaw changes, including the elimination of probationary membership status. The following are MSSC members who previously were on probationary status but are now active members:

Madan M. Acharya, MD
Khalid F. Afaneh, MD
John F. Anderson, MD, PhD
Veerayyagari Annapurna, MD
Samuel L. Ashby, DO
Ashley L. Barks, MD
Kirsten A. Bjorkman, MD
Jamie L., Borick MD
Alaa Boulad, MD
Kelsey S. Bourm, MD
Rachel M. Brown, MD
Lindsay J. Byrnes, MD
Brent Cameron, MD
Jose R. Cepeda, MD
John A. Childs, DO
Susanna Ciccolari Micaldi, MD
Charles W. Coffey, MD
Patrick G. Craig, DO
Melissa V. Cummings, MD
Megan A. Dingwall, MD
Rhanda M. Eboh, MD
Ayah M. Elbermawy, MD
John F. Evans, MD
Ryan N. Farmer, MD
Saba Fatima, MD
Lynn R. Fisher, MD
Cole M. Gillenwater,  MD
Claire E. Groskurth, MD
Peeyush Grover, MD
Caleb H. Harris, MD
Paige A. Harwell, MD
Salman A. Hasan, DO
Cynthia A. Hayek, MD
Thomas J. Hendricks, MD
Jonathan A. Jensen, MD
Stefanie M. Kempke, MD
Gary J. King, MD
Kimberly T. Krohn, MD
Phong T. Le, MD
Ricky W. Lee, MD
Shuo Li, MD
Colleen V. Loo-Gross, MD
Mark R. Mankins, MD
Scott J. McIntyre, MD
Scott D. McLaren, MD
Holly E. Montgomery, MD
Philip R. Montgomery, MD
Phuong V. Nguyen, DO
Andrew J. Ormond, MD
Chan J. Park, MD
Lindsey C. Peller, DO
Jennifer L. Pharris, DO
George J. Philip, MD
Shilpi Relan, MD
Nichole M. Riddel, MD
Lina A.M. Saadeh, MD
Rajesh K. Sadasivuni, MD
Alisa J. Schmidt, MD
Levi C. Short, MD
Michael L. Su, MD
Patrick Ters, MD
Vismay J. Thakkar, MD
Robert L. Ullom, MD
Locke D. Uppendahl, MD
Jose C. Velasco Di Domenico, MD
Danielle M. Villalobos, MD
Shravani R. Vindhyal, MD
Debra L. Wade, MD
Jarvis W. Walters, DO
Brady J. Werth, MD
Thomas A. Woltjer, DO
Maggie L. Woods, MD
Benjamin D., Young MD
Sarah M. Zorko, MD


Douglas P. Lewis, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi- Spirit
OFF: 613-5800
FAX: 768-8000
990 S George Washington Blvd, 67211
NPI: 1558366641

Cynthia I. Nash, MD
[BC] Family Medicine
Ascension Medical Group Via Christi St Francis Family Medicine
OFF: 858-3460
707 N Emporia, 67214
NPI: 1124143409